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Our New Funding Finder Service

There are 5,000 grant making trusts in the UK that give away £5bn every year to charities.


Are you getting your share?


Identifying and connecting with grant makers is the most important step in generating income for your charity’s work.  


Grant making trusts have very specific interests and criteria for the organisations they wish to give their money to.


Reaching out to the right ones will mean you can secure the income you need quickly, efficiently and with the greatest possible chance of success.


Ask yourself these questions…

- How do you find these funders?  

- Are you speaking to the right people?

- Are they actually interested funding your work?

- Do they have the ability to make a grant?


The great news is that all this information exists across various subscription based databases which we have access to and we know how to delve into / manipulate for the best outcome for you.


Our new Funding Finder service has been specifically designed to meet these needs.

What You Get

You’ll get one whole day of a dedicated fundraising specialist who will find out everything about your organisation. They will then interrogate the fundraising databases to unearth every funder that matches with your organisation and has the capacity to make a donation.

You’ll be provided with a fully researched bespoke report, which will give you contact details for each grant maker, how much you can apply for and when to apply.


We’ll also tell you what information you need to send and an estimate of how much time each application will take to complete.


You can either apply for this funding yourself or we can complete this work for you under another of our services, where we can make these applications on your behalf to ensure the best outcome for you. 

How To Get Started

We’ll arrange a phone call with your organisation to get clear on what you’re fundraising for and make sure that this service will meet your needs.  We’ll ask you all about the work you’re doing, the people you’re helping, along with other information and type of funding your organisation needs.


From there we’ll run all the necessary searches and provide you with the final report.  


You’ll then have all the information you need to start your funding applications.

See our video below for more information.

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